Player Attack

The indefatigable hunter of TV gaming shows has unearthed yet another. Player Attack airs on Foxtel’s Aurora community TV channel at 9 pm on Friday nights and is repeated, in the usual pay-TV manner, at numerous times through the week. It is also accompanied by a very slick website, from which the TV show grew. It is fronted by the very pleasant Jessica Citizen (delightfully Kafkaesque name), who radiates bonhomie, genuine enthusiasm for gaming and real knowledge of the industry in equal quantities. Reviews of games are presented by Jimmy the Geek and Mel Evans, who also convey in spades their love of gaming and deep knowledge of the craft. While the show reflects its community TV nature (amateur enthusiasm rather than slick effects), it is a neatly produced and knowledgeable affair that makes up for in gaming nous what it lacks in glitz. Its a hackneyed phrase, but this show is clearly really a show for gamers, by gamers. I’ll certainly be adding it to my regular viewing schedule.


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