Bioshock Infinite -Burial at Sea. Part 2

Just finished playing this and was pleasantly surprised after the disappointment of BI-BAS. Pt 1 (less than 2 hours for a full-priced DLC?), to find a game that not only is triple the length of Part 1, but settles the dichotomy between Rapture & Columbia quite effectively. It also takes the game in a completely different direction gameplay-wise. This is a stealth game, pure & simple. Obviously someone at Irrational has been playing Dishonored & Thief because this follows those models closely. You play as Elizabeth this time, and in  recognition of the fact that Elizabeth is not a fighter you have minimal weapons and minimal ammo, and the weapons you do have are much weaker than in the earlier games. Far & away the most effective weapon you have is a crossbow that fires tranquilizer darts, in keeping with the stealth theme you want to put enemies to sleep quietly rather than kill them noisily. However, ammunition is scarce and the crossbow only holds 4 bolts, which are re-usable provided you get to your victim immediately after takedown and reclaim them. So it becomes a desperate race after you fire to get to your victim’s body to reclaim a precious bolt without alerting anyone else. In keeping with the stealth theme, Rapture & Columbia are much sparer of resources, there is much less ammo & money lying around, which makes conserving your resources vital. As I said, this game merges Rapture & Columbia much more seamlessly than the first, you move back & forth between them, in effect this is the game that not only ties up the entire Bioshock saga, but finally and definitively links the Rapture & Columbia stories. Although the ending is slightly disappointing, there being no final battle and you are  merely a passive viewer in a series of cutscenes, this is a rich little game that rewards the careful player. I’m sorry to see the Bioshock series wrap up, but there are worse ways it could have finished.


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