EVE Online

Yes, I am considering joining EVE Online. I have been doing my research, as I always have done before joining an MMO. Then again, that is something I havent done for quite some time. I don’t have a great record with MMO’s. My experience with WOW was less than stellar. You know that episode of South Park where the boys are playing WOW and run into a guy who keeps killing them (incidentally my favourite episode ever), well I think I met that guy for real. However, griefers don’t worry me that much. they’re a fact of life, like bad drivers and people who talk through movies, its the usually steep learning curve and need to absorb a lot of info quickly and hit the ground running. And from what I’ve heard, EVE is a special in that regard. But I’m looking for fresh gaming challenges, so maybe I’m up for it. I’ll keep you posted.


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