iPad Air

Well, the much-anticipated transition has finally happened, and on Friday I handed in my trusty (although now comatose) iPad 1, which, I like to believe , has taken ship at the Grey Havens and passed into the West (sorry, I’ve just finished reading Lord of the Rings for the 10th time, and so things like that are tending to slip unbidden into my thoughts). In return, after much signing of forms, which I interpreted to mean if I lose, damage, or otherwise am unable to return it in immaculate condition, I face public beheading at the very least, a brand-new iPad Air passed into my trembling hands. Airy, it is indeed, very light, almost insubstantial. In fact iPad Ethereal might have been a more poetic, if much less practical name. The screen is smaller but much clearer, the icons have all changed so it looks quite different, and the Safari and email icons have swapped places. Its a joy to use, very responsive, and it tucks into my backpack neatly and I’m hardly aware it’s there.. There’s only one bugbear, of course the charging slot (I’m sure it has a proper, more technical name than that, but I have no idea what it is and I can’t be bothered looking it up), has been changed, and as a result its no longer compatible with the charging cable from my iPhone 4S, so I cant get away with keeping one cord at work to charge both iPad and iPhone and one at home for same. So now I have to remember to take the iPad cable home on weekends to charge, and also make sure, as I have inevitably done this morning, not to bring the wrong cable to work, so now my phone is sitting here charging while the iPad will have to wait until this evening for a charge. A nuisance, truly. I’m not going to play the Luddite and complain endlessly as to the necessity of this change, but its going to cause me problems, I can see as clear as day. Still, since receiving a free iPad is really a modern-day example of not looking a gift horse in the mouth, I wont complain (truly, I won’t). The joy of a new toy will surely overcome all handicaps (I’m positive), if not, I’m sure to let you know.


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