I’m bereft. My trusty iPad has emulated Michael Schumacher and sunk into a coma from which, I’m reliably informed, it will probably never recover. It is not dead, no, it beeps occasionally and the screen flickers every so often, just like a coma patient’s eyelids occasionally twitch to show that there is life in there somewhere. But functionally its no longer of any use. just a blank black screen and dead weight. And now I’ve lost it I realise how much I relied on the damn thing. Apart from its work applications ( and I must confess here that it is actually supplied by my workplace), which are exceptionally useful, I miss it at home. No more waking up and reaching for it first thing to check email and the headlines. No more following the cricket scores while watching TV (best bit of mult-tasking I’ve ever discovered.). No more using it to check walkthroughs while I’m in the middle of a particularly tricky part of a game on my PC.  None of that, anymore, at least until I get the new iPad Air I’ve been promised. Soon. Life is looking up already.


2 thoughts on “iPad-less

  1. Mine is permanently fixed with gaming walkthroughs too! Remember when we actually had to QUIT games so we could open a browser and find a walk through? My husband actually printed out the entire extended walkthrough for an RPG once so he’d never have to fire up the internet when gaming ever again! Oh those crazy days of yore! The browser on one’s phone isn’t quite the same is it? I hope your poor iPad can be fixed (although I wouldn’t count on it) or that the promised new toy comes soon!

    • Yes, I always hated having to close down a game to check a walkthrough, particularly when the game didnt have quicksave and I would lose everything after the last checkpoint.. I have also printed out reams of walkthroughs, especially when there were lots of secrets and Easter eggs to find. I also bought a lot of those damn Brady guides, but they were a pain to use because they were hard to follow, with lots of fine print and complicated diagrams. The one for Fallout New Vegas I remember in particular, I’ve read advanced academic papers that were easier to follow than that thing.

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