Save Point

As a dedicated gamer, I’m always keen to check out new gaming-related TV shows. I already have Good Game locked into my schedule and I was a keen watcher of the late, lamented X-Play. So when I discovered that Fox 8 was airing a program called Save Point I tuned in immediately. I’ve now watched about a dozen eps and, frankly, I still havent got  a handle on it. Its just all over the place, wildly searching for itself, seemingly unable to define if its a purely a gaming show or has a wider pop culture focus. Its hasnt helped that it seems to have a transient cast. I have seen a quite a few of its presenters on 1 or 2 episodes and then have not seen them again, maybe they were guest presenters but then that wasn’t made clear. The fixtures are the curvaceous Claire Costigan, who projects a great enthusiasm for gaming without necessarily being an industry insider and the hip element, the too cool for school Chris Jai Alex, who has manifested several completely different but alway thoroughly hip personalities, which just adds to the schizophrenic nature of the program. The show’s website lists also Maddison-Clare Sloane whom I haven’t seen for a while. The show is always entertaining, fast-moving, full of colour and energy, but it just needs to settle and find its mojo and stick to it. It hasnt helped that Fox has jiggled it through the schedules sometimes taking it off for months at a time for no apparent reason. A settled timeslot would help immensely. The whole show needs a chill pill, then it will be a charter member of my A-list of gaming shows.


4 thoughts on “Save Point

  1. well I’m glad you gave the show a shot. Were always trying new things, some of it sticks, some not so much but we have a hell of a time. I agree a regular time slot would help, but well take what we can get. Rock On man.

    Chris Jai Alex

    • Thanks for the comment Chris, I really love the energy and verve of the show, and it seems like everyone has a lot of fun doing it. I have all the episodes recorded and am watching them again, great during the Christmas hiatus. Please say hi to Clare from an adoring fan.


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