Apptivity Seat

Venturing hesitantly into unfamilar territory here. I don’t have children of my own and so normally I would take little notice of something like this, a controversial new product from Fisher-Price. It’s basically a iPad suspended over an infant’s bassinet or bouncer, the idea being that kids will be exposed from the earliest possible age to the interactivity of a tablet,. even if they are too young to manipulate it for themselves. Naturally it has caused enormous controversy, with experts and self-titled experts claiming that under 2 years is too young to be exposed to online interactivity, while just as many have claimed that the device is at worse harmless and at best a positive introduction to the interactive world the children will be spending their whole lives in. It has been pointed out the device times itself out after 10 minutes, so over-exposure is not a problem, and also that it is far more positive than depositing children in front of a TV. My own viewpoint, again emphasizing that I do not have children myself, is that with proper safeguards I see no reason why this can’t be a very positive introduction for children who are going to spending their whole lives immersed in technology anyway. Its an experience that people of my generation will never share, because we grew up before the general advent of IT into people’s everyday lives. I was 16 before I used a computer for the first time, and while I am comfortable with tech and in my own way quite skilful at using it, it will never be as intuitive to me as it to children growing up today. I am at least more fortunate than my parents, who are completely tech non-savvy and really quite terrified of it, despite my best efforts to introduce them to its beneficial aspects. Today’s children are really very fortunate, in my eyes, and I have no problems with something that will integrate them into this coming world of ours from the earliest possible age.


2 thoughts on “Apptivity Seat

  1. There was quite a striking little image clip online after this story came out showing this tablet and the representation of the fat hoverchair humans from the Disney film Wall-ee side by side – enough to make me run screaming! Not going to be investing in one of these tablet bouncers!

    • Wow, that would be freaky. It’s a very divisive issue, the report I saw on it showed how vehemently some are opposed to it but others embrace it. As I said, as a non-parent its not something that involves me personally, but I found it interesting nevertheless.

      Thanks for your comment

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      UQ Gatton Library
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