Steam Machine

And just as I am lamenting the possible death of the gaming PC, I hear the first real details about Steam’s own attempt to combine the best features of PC & console gaming. I’ll wager I’m probably the last person in the Western world to hear about Steam Machine, but really I just play games, I dont pay much attention to new technology unless it’s thrust under my nose, in this case through a quesstion on Good Game: Pocket Edition the other night, So I’ve raced off to bone up on Steam Machine. With about 100 games already in my Steam catalogue, I’m tailor-made for this. Everything sounds good, the idea of a controller that mimics K & M, the Steam OS that can be downloaded to PC, I like all of it. of course Valve arent really in my good books at the moment because of the dangerously Duke Nukem Foreverish non-appearance of either Half-Life 3 or Half-Life 2: Episode 3 (I’ll take either, thanks), but if this comes off, and there are some big ifs involved, I’ll gladly forgive them (although still want HL3 or HL2:E3 someday).

I like the sound of this, but wait & see..


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