PS4/XBoxOne – To Buy or Not to Buy

Watching Good Game last night clarified within me a debate that I’ve been having with myself for quite some time. It was the first reviews of PS4 & XBone, and, yes, I’m seriously considering buying one of them. However, the debate I’m referring to is not about purchasing one or other of them. It is, in essence, about my PC gaming future. I am a dedicated PC gamer. I have been playing games on PC for around 20 years, and have gone through a string of PC’s of steadily increasing power. My last 3 have been custom-specified gaming rigs. I love the power and spectacle, the fluidity,  of PC gaming, which I just dont find in console games. Above all I love the mouse and keyboard. I have an elderly PS2, the only console I have ever owned, which I bought when there was a flood of FPS games coming out for it, while the flow of PC FPS seemed to have dried up. I have used it and enjoyed it, but I just do not have the same respect for the controller as I do for my M & K. Given my druthers, I would stick with PC and never change. But it doesnt take any particular prescience to see the PC is on the way out, washed away by a tidal wave of tablets. It will never disappear entirely, there will always be a market for basic PC set-ups in offices and business, while really dedicated PC gamers will keep alive a niche market for expensive, custom-built gaming rigs. But the in-between, run of the mill, home/office PC, on which about 90% of PC games are played, is on its last legs. And that means the disappearance, I forsee, of mass-produced PC games, since there simply wont be a market for them. So in future I see only downloadable indie games and console ports as being PC available. With this in mind, and my current gaming rig having about another year, maybe two, of useful life, I am seriously considering not replacing it, and by extension, fuflilling my gaming needs with a console. On face value, its a no-brainer. My preferred genre is FPS, and consoles are basically built around FPS and 3P shooters, there is a never-ending flood of suitable titles. In addition, on purely financial terms, a console is less than half the price of a custom-built gaming rig, albeit the games are more expensive. But there is a more deep-seated issue for me than the purely practical ones. Do I abandon a medium I have loved for decades and which has brought me enormous pleasure?

To buy or not buy, that is the question…(Sorry, Will.)


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