App of the Day

I’ve just downloaded App of the Day, a new app that promises you one paid app, for free, per day. It sounds like a good deal, probably too good to be true, but I’m giving it a try. It really depends on the quality of the apps being offered. Today’s first offering was The Ashes app, relating to the current Ashes Test cricket series between Australia and England. Apparently its a drinking game app, so you can imagine it involves consuming certain amounts of alcohol based on certain happenings in the game. Its exact nature will remain a mystery to me, because being a non-drinker (well, at least not drinking in the sort of amounts involved in drinking games), I opted not to download it. I suspect that most of the offerings will be $0.99 apps, so not a huge saving, and I’ve yet to see what the catch is, but I’ll continue to monitor the offerings, and if anything is worthwhile, I’ll post it on here.


1 thought on “App of the Day

  1. I’ve had “App of the Day” for a few weeks now – it’s been a bit of a mixed bag, but I picked up a couple of productivity apps I wouldn’t normally have thought to get but they’ve been very useful! I originally thought I’d just get games off it, but in hindsight it’s been more the utility style apps it’s thrown up that have appealed to me!

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