The Stanley Parable

I’ve just started playing The Stanley Parable, a new game which is really hard to pigeonhole as one genre or another. It’s in the vague mould of recent games like Gone Home or Outlast, but has almost zero interaction with the environment in addition to no combat. Basically you move, and thats all you can do. The game is based arouind choices. Basically the narrator, who orchestrates the entire game  in between insulting your character, Stanley, tells you which direction you should take, and if you decide to take another, will instantly pillory you for the choice and, seemingly out of spite, will ensure you end up in some horrible situation, going around in circles, or just plain going mad, until the game finally reboots and despoits you back at the last savepoint. I havent played far enough yet to get beyond the first couplr of choices, but so far taking the “wrong” choice has simply ended me up restarting from save, which isnt really an encouragement to buck the system. Will have to wait and see how subsequent choices pans out.


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