Crysis 3

My 50th post! A significant personal landmark, if I do say so myself,

I’ve begun playing Crysis 3 for the second time. I have a definite feeling that you learn much more about a game after a second playthrough. So far, I’m enjoying Crysis the Third slightly more than I did on the first go around. I wasnt a fan of the first Crysis, the game lagged badly in its second half and it was bugged to a ridiculous extent. However the two sequels have been excellent, maybe Crysis 3 just shades its predecessor, with somewhat more varied environments and the addition of a killer (silent) bow. The difficulty level has also been ramped up, enemies seem to spot you much easier, even if cloaked. More challenge, which increases the satisfaction without necessarily raising the frustration. That comes from the game’s major bugbear, which it carried over from Crysis 2, namely the checkpoints being too far apart. Its quite ridiculous to play through a solid 10-15 minutes of stealth and action, cover a fair bit of territory having disposed of multiple enemies, accidentally hit the wrong button at the wrong time and get killed, and find yourself right back at the start again. Now that’s frustration. Its still a damn good game, although there are signs that after 3 games, the franchise is wearing a bit thin, and may need to consider going in a different direction if its to continue being a worthwhile exercise.


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