LibraryThing Early Reviewer

I have just received my first book in the LibraryThing Early Reviewer program. This is where LibraryThing members can sign up to request gratis copies of new books to read, and hopefully post a review on LibraryThing. The book I signed up for was the Bluffer’s Guide to Opera, by Keith Hann, which is a great book for me, as although I love opera, I have only been attending for a couple of years and so still know next to nothing about it. It’s only a small book, so shouldnt take long to read. Librarything informs its members that only North American reviewers get print copies, everyone else would get e-copies, so I got a surprise on Friday when the book arrived in the mail as a hard copy, with a pleasant note from someone at the publishing house accompanying it. I shall indeed be writing a review for LibraryThing, and likely posting the review here as well.

Stay tuned…


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