As you/ve probably noticed, Gmail has recently split itself, like an amoeba, although into 3 parts rather than 2. There are now Primary, Social and Promotion sections, and Gmail has taken up on itself to decide what of your incoming mail goes into which category. I’m really not privy as to the logic that ordains what goes into what category, but so far, I’m happy with the Primary, which is obviously the most important, for me anyway, others may feel the Social category is more special. Social also seems to work well for me, but Promotional is just bizarre. Apart from obviously becoming a receptacle for spam that gets through the filter, it is also catching my newsfeeds, websites that I have registered with, and a grab-bag of assorted mails that dont fit obviously into any category. Why then is this called “Promotional”? I really cant see the logic. I think I shall refer to it myself, from now on, as “Odds & Sods”, which seems far more appropriate to its purpose.


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