Bulletstorm Revisited

Just started re-playing Bulletstorm, having finally been able to gain access again through the impending death of Games for Windows Live. The dramas that GFWL have caused for me with this game are beyond belief. I’ve been locked out more often than I’ve been able to play. I’ve had minor GFWL log-in troubles with other games, notably Bioshock 2, but nothing along the lines of the problems I’ve had with Bulletstorm. Initially it kept me locked out for days because GFWL would not recognise my CD key, and kept sending me in circles (for about 3 days). Eventually , by a tortuous circuitous route I cant even remember, I got in and was able to play the agme to its conclusion. Next problem was when I decided to download a clean copy from Steam for my laptop. No problem there except my laptop couldnt quite handle the game, so I decided to download it to my desktop. Big problem. GFWL decided it didnt want to recognise my game key, even though Steam confirmed it was corrrect. GFWL wouldnt have a bar of that, so I gave it away, until last week, when I decided to have another try. Lo & behold, although GFWL stil doesn’t want to know my key, I was able to get in, just by cancelling out of GFWL. Since this route definitely wasnt available during GFWL’s reign of terror, when with all the zeal of a Stalin-era Soviet border guard  it clamped down on accessing games without going through the tiresome GFWL log-in process and being forced to go online even though you only wanted to play alone. I can only presume that with the impending demise of GFWL next June that border security has been relaxed and the hordes can play freely. Of course, the impending demise of GFWL will cause its own problems and its quite possible that some of these games will no longer be playable after June next year, but until then, I’ll keep playing and just see what transpires.


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