My First Kindle Book

Last night I took a long-overdue step into the  real world by downloading (and reading), my first ever Kindle book. No, I still don’t have a Kindle reader, I downloaded it to my iPad Kindle app. This worked really well, the app is easy to use, downloading of my book was painless and very well integrated with the online Amazon store. I also found that the iPad was easy to read, having heard that some people find the shiny screen causes eye strain, but I made a point of reading the book in a low light situation, which worked very well. With no glare off the screen, the print stood out well, with just the right amount of backlight, and reading was actually considerably easier than with a print book. So for the moment I will hold off getting a an e-book reader, as I have so far, and continue with the iPad. I just remain unconvinced about e-book readers, until there’s a universal reader (if such an animal ever arrives), that will access all e-book catalogues and libraries everywhere. For the record, the book I downloaded, a shorty at 65 pages and the bargain price of just $2.95, was excellent. It’s called Pioneer Detectives, by Konstantin Kakaes, and tells how the amazing Pioneer 10 & 11 spacecraft, launched in 1972 and still travelling outward bound in the depths of interstellar space, almost caused the Newtonian and Einsteinian theories of gravity to be overthrown. I won’t reveal anymore because its a fascinating scientific detective story well worth reading, highly recommended to anyone who loves reading about space travel or science & technology in general.


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