Update – Tomb Raider

Still playing (56% of the way through, according to the little spiel that comes up on loading). I did take some time off to start Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (but that’s another story). Its been a mostly enjoyable romp so far, a few frustrations, but nothing I would term a fault in the game. Certainly its challenging, but to my surprise I have found the combat more frustrating then the climbing & leaping. No matter what anyone tells me to the contrary, the 3rd person mechanic is inferior to FPS when it comes to shooting. What is an instinctive process in 1P, becomes awkward and non-intuitive in 3P. Particularly in a game like this, which features mass attacks by enemies from all angles. Maybe they could consider an automatic switch to 1P when a weapon is raised? Just a thought. Not going to beef about 3P in general, its a good fit for this game and in addition allows pervs to leer constantly at Lara’s trim form as she runs away from you. Juvenile, I know, but hasn’t that always been a key part of Lara’s appeal?

Trending towards an 8/8.5 so far. Stay tuned…


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