Meetup app

I have recently loaded the meetup app onto my iPad, having had it on my iPhone for some time. IMHO, this one of the best designed special purpose apps I have come across. For the record, Meetup is a social website that allows people to form social groups based on desired criteria ie social groups by age, foodies, wine or coffee-lovers, travel, dating, various sporting or recreational activities to name just a few. The idea is to form a group and have a readymade platform up on the web to advertise it in the hopes of attracting like-minded people to join. The Meetup app allows the user after joining a particular group to register their attendance for events on the go, to see who else is attending a particular event, to send a message to the the organiser of the event and others who might be attending. So far I have not found a fault with it, it is simple to use, does what it is intended to very efficiently and has an attractive layout. And its completely free. What else can you ask for in an app.?


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