Task 23 – Reflections

The journey has concluded. Its has certainly been a worthwhile experience.  I have discovered a number of interesting and in varying degrees useful apps and tools. the two standouts, for very different reasons, were Google Drive and LibraryThing. There’s nothing particularly exciting about Google Drive. It is simply an immensely useful and ridiculously simple device that makes my work life, and to a lesser extent my home life a lot easier. The ability to transfer documents, photos, etc between multiple devices at the flick of a finger, marvellous, a real boon. LibraryThing, on the other hand is powerfully useless in any practical sense of the word. It wont make life easier in any respect, in fact it will probably make it more difficult as you frantically dig out all your cupboards looking for long lost books that you can add, and give you massive headaches as you plumb your memory for equally long lost books that you no longer possess. Its a tool for obsessive book lovers to become even more obsessive, completely useless but utterly essential. I’ll also give a honourable mention to Prezi, for delightfully simple design, being fun to use and useful to boot.

I cant say there were any disappointments, because to be disappointed implies having a preconception that something will be good, and I had no preconceptions coming into this. The newsfeeds were perhaps something of a letdown, for they were something that with my insatiable appetite for net news could have been a boon. I didnt find any that will change my habits of roaming far and wide for news, although Digg gets points for its ease of use.

As I said, its been a great journey. The self-directed learning has been a great idea, and I have learned much.Dividing it up into taks to be complted at leisure has also been great. Having an actual blog will be a lasting legacy, because I intend to maintain it, in some form or another, as I dont want to waste what has been a considerable effort in time and labor, although well worth it.

Many thanks to Jake Tilse for co-ordinating the project and his helpful advice.

Goodbye to 23 Things, but stay tuned for further developments…


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