Task 9 (final) update – LibraryThing

My library has now reached the astonishing number of 523 books, astonishing because I don’t currently have nearly that number of books in my immediate possession. What I have been doing is dredging up books I have read in the past, some from childhood, mainly because seeing the cover of a book I remember fondly from as long as 40 years ago suddenly appear in my library list is extraordinarily pleasurable. I’m a very visual person, so the appearance of a book brings back as many memories as acually reading it does, which is one of the reasons I’ve become so fanatical about hunting down the exact edition & cover, its become an obsession. I have now uploaded more than 20 covers to LibraryThing. Having now finally recognised that obsession, and also that LibraryThing has added something new and good to my life, pleasure in books not just being currently read, but in books read long ago, here is my final rating for LibraryThing

LibraryThing: 11/10


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