Task 22 – Social Networking

I already have a Facebook account, have had for a couple of years as a matter of fact, but after starting and using briefly it, I ignored it for a long time, and only recently returned to it. I found it valuable, even in the brief time I used it, because it reunited me with several friends I’d lost contact with, which delighted me no end. Howver I found the trivial nature of most of the content was a turn-off, not so much the content of other’s people’s pages, which was obviously important to them and therefore worth putting up, but because I couldnt find much in my life I would consider worthy of putting up. (If you think this is a roundabout way of telling you I lead a pretty boring life, you’re probably right). But now I’m back on Facebook, and I intend to stay around this time, not so much for putting my own stuff up, but for reading other people’s content. Not to be a voyeur, but because, like Twitter, I’ve found it to be a great way of seeing what people think on things and issues of importance, and that’s important to me, if I want to think of myself as a responsible inhabitatant of Planet Earth, and stay informed with what’s happening in the world. As I’ve said, I’m a hopeless news junkie, and I find news is meaningless personally unless I know what others are thinking about the issues that are reported.

Top marks to Facebook for reuniting friends and for being the modern equivalent of the parish pump.

Facebook: 9/10

Till next time…


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