Tomb Raider

I took a risk on the weeked and purchased Tomb Raider. It was a risk because I usually play FPS games, and although I’m no stranger to 3rd person games, having played all 3 Deep Space games and enjoyed them, albeit with a fair level of frustration because I believe they would have been even better as FPS, it was sufficiently expensive that if I didnt enjoy it. it was s substantial loss. However, so far i’ve been pleasantly surprised. The 3rd person mechanic works well, although some things could be better (why, oh why, when you press S, does she turn around and walk back instead of just moving backwards?). Its a remarkably forgiving game, I feared the jumps, climbs and other maneuvers could be quite difficult, but so far they have been good, challenging, but not frustrating. Lara herself is a more appealing character than the impossibly large-breasted, impossibly talented, impossibly cool version in the earlier games I played as a kid. She is appealing, vulnerable, occassionally clumsy and her bust size is actually realistic. So far so good, and I will submit a complete review when I complete.


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