Task 21 – Twitter

Actually I have been subscribed to Twitter for some time, although I’ve never sent a tweet, and barring some amazing universal conjunction of circumstances, I never shall. I subscribe because its useful, and often very amusing to see what’s trending week by week. I am a hardcore consumer of news, I check  a variety of online news sites every day, including comments on the news, because I always like to know what the public zeitgeist is on key issues and events, and because, again, its often amusing. For the same reason, I monitor Twitter trends, and at the moment as you’d expect with a Federal election less than a week away, politics is overwhelmingly the topic-du-jour. My verdict on Twitter is although I have no personal use for it myself either sending or receiving, it is a useful tool for monitoring the public pulse, and a frequent source of amusement, so I figure the world is better off with than without.

Twitter: 7.5/10

Till next time.


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