Task 20 – Mobile Apps

I have at least 50 apps on my iPhone and about half that on my iPad. Many have proved to be very useful and I make use of them frequently, others were useful once or twice, or for a limited time, but are now just taking up space, some I downloaded in an excess of enthusiasm, but have never once used. Sports and social apps make up the bulk of the apps I use frequently. I have several different apps to keep me updated on sport scores (that’s essential). As far as social apps go, my Meet-up app (incidentally one of the best-designed and most reliable I have encountered) ensures I always have somewhere to go Saturday night, and I recently downloaded the Facebook app ( but find it clumsy and limiting, much easier to simply refer to Facebook on the Safari browser.) I also have a number of games, which are amusing and diverting if there are 10 minutes or so to kill. The app store itself works well – I have never had any problem locating an app I was looking for and downloading is usually fast and hassle-free. One problem I have run into is getting rid of apps you no longer want. I have several apps which were useful at one time or another, but are now defunct and I would like to expel, but have not found a way of doing it. A good example is the app for the 2012 London Olympics (actually I have 2, one for the Olympics as a whole and one specifically for Australian competitors). extremely useful at the time, now just a waste of space. How do I get rid of them? All suggestions gratefully accepted…

To sum up on apps, they are fantastically useful, usually reliable, fun, and best of all, are 99% of the time completely free. Minor bugbears don’t detract from the fact that I would find it difficult to live without them now.

Mobile apps 9.5/10

Til next time…


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