Task 9 Update – LibraryThing

Ok, a word of apology for LibraryThing. I still dont forgive them for their grab for cash at the 200 book mark, but I will amend my initial comments that i couldnt really see a use for it. Now approaching the 350 book mark, I will fully concede this is one of the most addictive sites I’ve ever comes across. I have become quietly obsessed with it. Scouring the depths of my library (and my memory) for half-forgotten books I can add, finicking over getting exactly the right publication details, uploading my own pictures of the right cover when the site does not have exactly the right shade of pink on its cover images, reviewing books frantically ( now more than 50 reviews and counting), I now concede that while Librarything may not be useful, it is in fact essential.

Mea culpa, please forgive me, LibraryThing.

Amended rating: 7.5/10

PS: LibraryThing has now awarded me a badge for uploading cover images for others to use. Glad that being pedantic pays off. Good stuff.


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