Task 19 – WiFi and Security

I guess I’ve never thought much about WiFi security, probably because I havent been using it very long. I only acquired WiFi for my notebook last year and have only just gained access to an iPad. When I first turned on the WiFi for my notebook, straight away I noticed that an unknown network cropped up and asked if I wanted to join. I soon worked out it was my neighbour’s WiFi and that if I had wanted I could have hitched onto his for a free ride. I didnt because I’m basically boringly honest, and I really couldnt see the point anyway because the signal strength was very weak. I guess it was an early notice about how insecure WiFi really is. I am certainly aware of these risks and to the best of my ability I try to minimise them. I only use my WiFi devices in trusted environments, at home, at work, or at friends’ houses if I ask them for permission to access theirs. Probably this is really no safer and I am being naive, but after reading about available safety devices, I’m no wiser. I was told WPA2 was safe, now its appear it isnt. I’ll freely admit I’m clueless in this area. All advice will be gratefully accepted.

Till next time…


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