Task 18 – Podcasts

At last! A task where I’m already well ahead of the game. I’ve have been a dedicated consumer of podcasts for years, I have subscribed to many, including those on topics including gaming, pop culture, literature, science, sexuality and the paranormal. I find it simply a tremendous way to fill in dead time, ie travelling on public transport, waiting in the dentist’s surgery etc, with informative, funny and engaging entertainment. Some I have subscribed to have been awesome, some ordinary, most have a surprisngly short life – I have outlasted at least a half dozen whom I have subscribed to early in their existence and which have ceased for various reasons. With a few exceptions they appear to be fairly ephemeral, which can be disappointing if you get attached to particular one and are suddenly deprived of your weekly fix. For the purposes of this task, I decided to try something different and download to iPad rather than iPod.  It turned out to be somewhat different and perhaps not as intuitive. I quickly found that iTunes on the iPad will not instantly deliver sounds to your ears, you need to download the Podcast app as well. Fortunately this proved quite painless, and withing minutes of subscribing to my chosen podcast, it was ringing out of the iPad.

I am a great believer in the use of podcasts for education, because they fit very well with the information needs of current students, and also with their wired lifestyle, Listening to educational information out of iPods, iPads and iPhones as they multi-task, its a no-brainer. I have been very impressed with library guides for other universities that incorprate podcasts. I am endeavouring to add podcasts as part of the content of the new library guides here. To the same end, I have also been looking at creating podcasts of my own, for information skills etc. That’s certainly in the pipeline – stay tuned for further developments.

Podcasts – terriffic – 10/10


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