Task 16 – Technorati


My initial impressions of Technorati were quite favourable. Its a well-organised tidy site, with lots of interesting stuff to look at on the home page and it leads you straight away to where you want to go. I set up an account without much trouble, and then went to validate my blog. It was painless to start with, my URL was verified and the blog appeared on my account page. But then I got this message saying it couldnt verify my feed, and then the trouble started. The message claimed I should look for the RSS icon on my page and submit whatever URL was listed as the feed. The only URL there was the BBC news website, not a feed. I put this in and back came Technorati telling me it was an invalid feed. Might have have solved the problem. done some playing around and now have a RSS Links widget on my page. See what happens now…

Stay tuned…


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