Task 15 – Delicious

I really struggled to find a worthwhile purpose for this application. The initial description of it as a bookmark site elicited from me a large “Why?” We already have Bookmarks (or Favourites as the case may be) on our browsers. Looking for a bit of clarification, I went to the site, and signed up, painless enough, however, when I went in, I found the site did very little to explain itself and why it it was useful. After fooling around blindly for a a few minutes, looking for sites to link on the Discover page, I gave up and just input a few sites of my own, which I was able to link with a minimum of fuss. But after that, I was seized with a renewed sense of ennui, and again that question “Why?” The best way I could describe Delicious is as a cross between Facebook/LinkedIn and an RSS feeder, and to put it bluntly, quite unneccessary. And certainly Delicious did little to justify its own existence with its lethargic and amorphous layout. In the final analysis I really couldnt find a worthwhile purpose for this site’s existence.

Delicious: 3/10


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