Task 14 – Prezi

Making a direct comparison with Slideshare, the initial impression was much more favourable. Whereas the Slideshare site looked immediately daunting and complicated, suggesting (not necessarily correctly), a lot of work, Prezi’s simple and colourful home page was instantly inviting, and Prezi itself turned to be just as fun and colourful to use. This really seems to be a site aimed at children, newbies or technophobes. the fonts are all large and bright, the pages are minimalist in design, emphasizing flair and creativity, and everything is explained in very simple terms. Signing up is very straightforward, there is a 90 second video which tells you what you need to know, then you’re away. And it makes designing a simple presentation child’s play. literally. You’re given a number of bright, simple templates to use, which you then systematically work through to create a very easy 6 page slide presentation, literally the work of 5 minutes. This would be very useful, I think, if you needed to create a presentation very quickly or on the go. However, i could see problems if you wanted something more sophisticated, but I would argue that in that case, Prezi probably isn’t what you should use. It is obviously designed for quick, painfree, basic but good-looking presentations, and it does that very well.

Prezi – 8/10

See you next time.


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