Task 12 – Skype

At last! Something that I’ve actually used before! While I haven’t made really extensive use of Skype, it has come in useful when I’ve needed it. I first used it for doing job interviews in far-flung corners of the country, While not perfect it is a lot simpler and a lot cheaper then a plane ticket. On the other hand, unlike simple phone interviews, it does mean you still have to dress up, rather than being able to do your interview in your casual clothes, your pyjamas, or your birthday suit if you’re that way inclined. I was surprised at how easy it was to set up and get it to work well. There were some teething problems the first time I used it, but overall its a very simple and straight-forward piece of technology, almost idiot-proof. requiring only a laptop and a basic webcam to shred hundreds or thousands of kilometres of distance.. Since becoming employed and working at a distant campus I have used it for conferences and meetings and it has always worked well.There are many tools out there that promise much and deliver little, or are just basically unnecessary, but Skype really is a tool that by rendering the tyranny of distance inert, makes tremendous savings in time, cost and energy possible.

Skype 10/10

See you next time


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