Task 10 – Google Books

I find Google Books a very useful tool for checking bib data on books, for purchase. Its fairly comprehensive, covers most if not all editions, and gives you that sneak preview inside the book that tells you whether its really what you want. As a library tool, its great. As a personal one, much less so. I went in, found a few classic novels that I read at school and still cherish (1984, Brave New world, Great Gatsby), and added them to my library. However, here I ran into problems. You would probably really only want to find books that are in the public domain and therefore you can download freely. However, there is no easy way to find which books are in the public domain. I got lucky with 1984, the very first edition that came up I downloaded, but the with the others I struggled to find free editions. There’s no obvious way of searching explicitly for public domain items.. After a while I gave up. it was simply too much effort. I really cant see much reason to bother with it as a personal tool.

See you next time

Google Books (for libraries) 8/10

Google Books (for personal use) 5/10


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