Task 9 – LibraryThing

I’ve been aware of LibraryThing for some time, but havent bothered to check into it, probably because I have so many books (and keep adding constantly) that cataloguing them would be an (enormous) waste of time. Nevertheless, for the purposes of this task, I duly logged in and created an account to add some of my more recent purchases (because I can remember their titles and authors). The process of joining painless and speedy and the site is well-laid out. Adding books is very simple, the only problem being that if you’re a purist like me, you have to locate and add the exact edition, which can be time-consuming. I had to give up on one title, which has been published in conservatively at least a million editions, sometimes up to 6 (???) editions in one year (if anyone can tell my why over-kill like that is necessary, please do so). However, as this is hardly LibraryThings’ fault, I wont count it as a blemish. I even added my 2 cents worth to some of the topics on the forum, which contained some very interesting, thought-provoking, and above all, polite comments.

In summing up, although I still cant see a real use for LibraryThings for me personally, it is a great idea, it’s well put-together and it’s quite fun to use. It probably wont be featuring on my must-have tools anytime soon, but I’ll happily recommend it to anyone who might have a real use for it.

LibraryThing – 8/10


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