Task 8 – Dashboards and PInterest

I must say I was quite impressed with Netvibes, I logged in, quickly sized up what had to be done, decided on “gaming” as the topic of my dashboard, clicked a few buttons, and hey presto, with a minimum of fuss had a personalised dashboard with several good gaming feeds right there in front of me, well laid out and quite visually appealing. I went a bit further, clicked on widgets, chose gaming and did a search for other gaming feeds, and again with no pain I added feeds for Gamespot and the Comment section for PC Powerplay magazine. This all took a shade under 10 minutes, half of which was me deciding what I wanted to do exactly. My dashboard has now been added to my bookmarks and I’m pretty sure I’ll be making use of it, and Netvibes, in future.

Netvibes – 9/10. Good show.

Now, PInterest. A problem – I dont have Twitter and I havent accessed my Facebook account for ages. Stay tuned…


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