Task 7 – RSS and Newsreaders

I have only had limited experience with RSS, but as I’m an inveterate & insatiable consumer of online news, I embraced this task eagerly. The news that Google Reader is dead left me cold (how you mourn something you’ve never used?), although I found the copious tears being shed over its demise somewhat touching. So I pitched in to check out the althernatives suggested.

The first one I tried was Feedly. My verdict – Dreadful.  Logging in was easy enough, but the very bland and unhelpful home page then left me scratching as to where I went from there.  There were few options available, when I clicked on the Explore button, it led me to a list of categories, easy enough. I clicked on one – Gaming – took me to a list of gaming sites – great, I clicked on one, and it painlessly added it to my feed. So far so good, but when I tried to get back to the list of categories, Feedly left me high & dry. Try as I might I could find no way to get back to that initial list of categories. All it would show me was that list of gaming sites. I desperately scanned that useless home page, but none of the painfully few options available led anywhere. In fact most led me up completely useless trails, such as trying to get me to sign up again. It took about 10 minutes before completely by accident I clicked on the search box above the Gaming list and hey presto, I was back at the categories again. The I tried to find some of my own favourites sites by title and URL. Sorry, unless you’re looking for American sites, forget it. It couldnt find the Courier Mail, Foxsports.com.au wasnt in its universe, in fact I couldnt find any Australian sites whatsoever. At that point I cut my losses and bailed. Feedly has lost me forever.

I then skipped over a few of the alternatives that actually wanted money from me (not in this lifetime!) and settled on Digg. Aah, much better! Not only a much simpler, more helpful interface, but wonderful stuff, all my Australian favourite sites came up as soon as I searched for them. And adding them  was a dream. One click and those feeds were there, waiting to be read. Brilliant! I’m now signed up to about a dozen worthy feeds, that I will be accessing regularly. Digg, you’ve won a friend for life.

Feedly – 2/10

Digg – 8/10


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