Task 5 – Flickr or Picasa?

I havent had any experience with either of these applications before, but then again since I usually take photos and they sit there on my camera or phone until Doomsday, I havent really had need. So I approached using Flickr with some trepidation, sure it would be some impossibly techy set-up that only a professional would understand. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that Flickr was not only quite easy to use but fun as well. Within minutes, starting from scratch, I had uploaded some really cute photos of our cats and a former litter of kittens they had foisted upon us, captioned them, Photostreamed them and very quickly had a presentable gallery of pix, with minimal effort maximum enjoyment. Just for everyone’s viewing pleasure I’ve included the photos on the blog. I couldnt really work out what the Tags are for, but I tagged them anyway. All in all, this a very useful and easy to use piece of software, and now having discovered I intend to make much use of it.

Unfortunately I didnt have as much luck with Picasa, through no fault of its own. The damned administrator privileges reared its head again and consequently I’m going to download it on my home PC and work with it from there. So there will be more to come..

Much later…

Well, I downloaded Picasa on my home PC, and instantly, without so much as a by your leave, it had grabbed and organised all the pix on ony drive. I was quite impressed with its speed & efficiency, if a little miffed that I hadnt been given a say in the matter. However, given my photos had been in an unholy mess, some I hadnt seen in months or even years and had no idea they were even there, I swallowed my pride and muttered “Thank you, Picasa.” Now lets see what else it can do…

Flickr – 7/10

Picasa – 7/10


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