Task 3 – Google Everything

When you think about, its quite amazing how much of a hold Google has taken upon the public consciousness in a comparatively short time. Just a decade ago, if you’d told someone to Google something, they’d have given you a completely blank stare. Now, chances are you can go anywhere in the world, literally, and regardless of language, tell someone to Google and there’s a a 99% chance they’ll understand you. And its become a ubiquitous part of the language and culture as well. I can remember 15 or so years ago, when Alta Vista was the hot search engine, no-one ever said to go and Alta Vista something. Google has transcended merely being a search engine and become a way of life, because Googling has become symbolic of our whole wired lifestyle, with literally everything at our fingertips. Any information about anything can be found with a few keystrokes. Its quite mind-blowing when you think about it.

Yes, I did the Chuck Norris search, and giggled when the little Google Easter egg was revealed. “You cannot search for Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris searches for you” (Love it!). I then looked at some of the Chuck Norris facts, a classic meme that really taken off. Although there were some funny ones, I couldn’t find my favourite:

“Under Chuck Norris’ beard, there is no chin, just another fist” (I love that!)

Hilarious stuff.

See you next time!


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