Task 1 – Creating and Registering the Blog

Well, the blog is set up, although I’m not entirely happy with the format and will be tinkering with it some more.

The pic, by the way, is the Foundation Building at Gatton, which dates to 1897 and is still proudly standing, and is therefore the oldest surviving building at an agricultural college or campus in Queensland! Apart from its years of service to first the Agricultural College and then the UQ Campus, it also served as a hospital for the US Armed Forces during WWII.

I will be including more historic pics from Gatton throughout the coming weeks.

I chose WordPress for this blog because I already have some experience with it. I worked with WordPress as a News Alert blog at the Forensic & Scientific Services Library of Queensland Health. It worked very well in this capacity. I’m looking forward to see how it works as a more general blogging tool. I’m still not convinced that setting up is as user-friendly as it could be. There seems to be a problem with actually viewing your blog as you customise it. Perhaps there’s a simple way of doing this. I’m open to suggestions.

That’s all for now.

Looking forward to Task 2!


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